Requena is a town located in the Comunidad Valenciana, in Spain. Well, all my family is form there so I consider it as my second home.

Requena: Descubre Qué Ver - Comunitat Valenciana

I would like to talk about its medieval villa. I specially like it because I have never been in a place like it. It has the tipical epoch narrow street and, as cars have never been allow to acces, the streets have never been modified to allow its acces.

El precioso barrio de La Villa, la villa medieval de Requena

Recently, my uncle has bought a house in the villa as a second residence and what we saw when we arrive for first time was the thickness of the building. The distance between the walls was less than 3m in all the house. It is deeper but has one big problem or big luck, its deepest wall is part of the medieval fort.

Last but not least we have the three gothic churches. It is a luck to visit all them but specially the Iglesia de San Nicolas. This church was reformed a fell years ago and is able to visit but it is not usually open. Last summer I hadd the pleasure to go to visit it and it’s worderful. Before the reconstruction the main dome had fall down so the architects in charge of the reconstructions place the original masonry and have substituted the non-recoverable stones for glass, the result is a transparent dome with some original peaces of the archs.ç

IGLESIA DE SAN NICOLÁS - Comunitat Valenciana