PA2-OPINIONS_The architecture from its actors

Junya Ishigami: “If we forget everything we know, just imagine how many more kinds of architecture there could be.”

The architect Junya Ishigami was born in 1974 in the Kanagawa prefecture. He studied in the Tokio University of Arts and Music. He got graduated in 2000 and that same year he started working for thr japanese arquitectural firm SANAA, 2010 Pritzker winers. In the year 2004, Junya left SANAA and started his oun arquitectural firm.

Junya’s first famous creation was, in 2004, when the designed the KAIT’s (Kanagawa’s Institute of Tecnology) workshop. A couple years after the designed the KAIT’s main square. Both works gave him a gloval repercusion and fame.

Ishigami has also created several scultures, the most famous one is the “Magic Table” that consists in a large table that has an incredible thin board. It is made of aluminium but is bend over using special constructive methods.

Another amazing sculture is the one designed for the Sidney’s city center

Finaly I would like to talk about a house-resturant designed by Ishigami. I specially like it because I have never seen a dweling buildt by this method.

They first dug some holes with the form of the walls, the floor and the pilars, then they filled it with concrete. Ones the concrete was compleatly solid they just had to extract the excese of soild creating the diferebt spaces of the dweling.