In the begining of December the famous propietary of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, talked on a interview about a tripulated trip to Mars. The millionair said that his company SpaceX was prepearing it for 2024, with luck, but secures that the normal would be for 2026.

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This fact opens a new market for architects, livings in Mars. The needs of this buidings are very complex, the main problem is the absence of oxigen in the atmosphere. There are more challenges, the extreme tempertures, the constant earthquakes and and the hadness of the soil are some of them.

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As always, architecs are finding solutions to the needs. An example is AI SpaceFactory, this company has been contracted by the NASA to design the future Mars livings. This company has also created an example for the Earth

AI SpaceFactory

One interesting thing about this buidings is that are created by using huge 3D printers. The structure is made basicly of basalt fiber composite, this material can be extracted in Mars. Moreover, the interior is compleatly hightech so it can satisfy all the human needs.

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