PA1-My environment

I would like to talk you about the school and high school where I studied until last year. It’s called Sagrado Corazón de Godella, I studied there for fifteen years, since I was three. I have choose this place because of it’s great history and the peace of the spaces on it.

The origin of the buliding where the school is located is a roman vila. Althougt nowadays the yard is much smaller than it was, it keeps been the bigger school garden where I have ever been. The garden allow students of all ages

The building is much newer than the yards, but it is also an old construction. This makes it especially visible by its high ceilings and the huge spaces such as clasrooms or halls. The best of this is that you will never feel locked up inside any clasroom, it feels like free space.

In recent years the yards area has decrease drastically, that is because a expropration done by the Godella’s council. With the aim of defining the expropiated area, the council has built a fence that breaks compleatly with the disestress feeling os the area. The “forest” zone that has been expropriated was one of my favourites parts of the school and see it disapear makes me feel like if I have lost a part of my childhood.

One thing I am sure is that I wouldn’t have choosen another place for studing, the surroundings make you feel free, whithout worries. In terms of education, it’s my firm belive that the environment is something esencial. I wouldn’t be like I am if I had estudied in another school, namely, the nature love that this type of yards has given me wouldn’t be the same. I feel lucky that my brothers and cousins are also able to learn and feel all that this school has shown me.