What is architecture?

A mix between the technique of an engineering and the beauty of art.

It is one of the “seven arts” It is definited by culture, composition, landscape, history, ephemeral, technology, eternal, interdisciplinary, heritage, masterpieces, development, science, monuments.

“Architecture is the art of building.” Marcus Vitruvius

“The house has to please everyone, unlike a work of art that doesn’t have to please anyone. The
work of art is a private affair of the artist. The house is not. The work of art is placed in the world
without any requirement that forces it to be born. The house covers a need (…] Shouldn’t
architecture be understood outside the art?” “Only a very small part of architecture is included in the world of art; funerary and commemorative monuments. Everything else, everything that has a purpose has to be
excluded from the world of art.” Adolf Loos

“Architecture embraces the entire physical environment that surrounds human life. We
cannot escape from it as long as we are part of civilization, because architecture is the
sum of modifications and alterations introduced into the land in order to satisfv human
needs.” William Morris

“The dominion of nature creates culture through technique […] Construction as technique is the
way to dominate our environment to turn it into architecture.” Juan Calduch

In conclusion, arquitecture is:

-Arts and technology


-Needs of human life

– Functionality



-Reflection of the time.

-Use of imagination, ideas, creativity, to produce something. The creation of spaces.