A couple years ago I went to Gerona on a trip with my family and some of my mothers friends. As they are all architects (as my mother), we visited some of the RCR Arquitectes creations. In that moment I didn’t know exatly what a pritzker award was. Nowadays I can undestand why they deserve it.

RCR Arquitectes, premio Pritzker 2017: "La arquitectura no puede dejar de  ser bella"

The first of it’s buidings that we visited was the restaurant Les Cols. I didn’t remember many things of there but there is one tning that impresed me, the huge change between the exterior and the interior. The golden interior makes a huge contrast withe outer garden that is integreted in the nature.

a+t - RCR Arquitectes. Banqueting Pavilion, Restaurant Les Cols. Olot.  Girona. Spain
Les Cols Restaurant, Pavilions and Marquee RCR Arquitectes

In the restaurant we taked some takeaway food and we went to Belasau. There we visited the kindergarden they designed in the small town. As it is private building we weren’t able to go in but just seeng the exterior is something wonderfull. The cromatic spectrum mixed with the sunlight gives to the building the idea of a magik kids world.

Exterior de 'Petit Comte' guardería de Besalú, Girona, 2010.

For ending the day we went to the athletics track. The adaption of the track to the context is something out of scale. From the point of view of a person it seem to be runing in the midel of the forest, it look to seem somthing organic. This was without doubts my favourite of the places we visited that day.

Pista de atletismo Tossols-Basil, 2000 Olot, Girona, España.